Since database systems involve users from all departments of the company with a diversity of information needs, the development and operation of database systems must be very carefully planned and managed. The databases themselves must be carefully designed to allow efficient access to information required by the various users. The development of a master plan should first take place. It specifies in general terms the various databases and applications to be included in the overall system. Then a schedule for detailed design and implementation of these databases has to be elaborated.

Whether it's for a self-contained business function-level application or an enterprise wide system, everyone knows it's extremely difficult to recover from poor or inappropriate design. If the database design and planning are done right, then the development, deployment and subsequent performance in production will give little trouble. easyDBA can ensure that the most critical phases of the database  development is performed with respect to high established standards.

We provide support in all database design stages starting from information requirements analysis to the physical design and database creation scripts. We aim at providing not only effective database solutions but also effective ones where the system must provide the required information at a reasonable cost, i.e., in a cost effective manner.