Applying the updates (minor changes) of the database management system is a part of the regular tasks of the database administrator while the upgrades (major changes) can be a critical operation for production systems. Indeed, the later may introduce fundamental changes that may deeply impact not only the database system but most of the corporate applications. There where easyDBA brings its deep skills to the table - not only with Oracle Database expertise, but also with working knowledge of many of the most common open source database management systems, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Migration to Open Source DBMSs

The market of database management systems is dominated by proprietary software (DBMS) vendors with by far Oracle’s database technology representing the market share leader then in a lower proportion by Miscrosoft SQL Server and DB2. As a result of their position as the market leaders, they push for premium prices for both their software licenses and annual maintenance/support. The costs associated with these software licenses and consistently growing maintenance fees leave many budget constrained enterprises looking for new solutions.

easyDBA provides expertise and the tools to assist companies and organisations in the migration from proprietary relational databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 or Sybase to the well-established open source databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. In order to provide access to the best database migration methodologies and tools, easyDBA is a partner of leaders in database migration and the open source community, e.g., Flyway and enterpriseDB. Following the migration, easyDBA provide its enterprise customers with on-going support of the open source tools.