Gain peace of mind operational stability a reduced budget from experienced, trusted technical staff.


Remote DBA Services

Remote DBA enables companies to administer and maintain database environments on a reduced budget and focus on strategic projects by delegating the expertise and depth of DBA to easyDBA through a remote service model. Target clients range from medium companies with a team of Oracle DBAs to smaller ones with no budget to hire the senior-level expertise that complex database environments like Oracle require. We'll handle proactive administration, monitoring, and responding to your database system alerts so that you can focus on what it takes to grow your business. Security first! Our remote access policies are developed to fit in with your system security and firewall integrity.

With our remote-DBA solution you get your regular DBA work done. Having a remote DBA agreement in place gives you a virtual in-house DBA for just a fraction of the cost of one fulltime DBA employee.

According to your business needs your standard database operations work is done remotely by our DBAs. This includes for instance

  • Setup and installation of your database servers.
  • Database Upgrades.
  • Database migrations.
  • Move your services from one machine to an other.
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of your data.
  • Query and report creation: Your reports deliver the data they should.
  • Query tuning: To get the best performance from your DBMS.
  • Backup and Restore testing.
  • Load tests and benchmarking.
  • Configuration and performance tuning.
  • Fail-over and other system testing.

easyDBA provides comprehensive, 7×24 remote DBA support. We monitor and respond to alerts tuned specifically for your databases.

We provide remote DBA services for: