Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL —wherever your business-critical data is housed, easyDBA has you covered. We provide comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all your database management activities. From hardware planning, DBMS licensing and budget evaluation to database design, capacity planning, installation, upgrades, and recovery, we deliver on the highest standards of technical competence, client responsiveness, and business value for every client.

Needs Assessment and DBMS Purchasing Process


The success of any project is directly linked to the planning effort. We can begin your project with a needs assessment to help you determine your organization's real information requirements. The needs assessment can include interviewing key staff members, establishing priorities, and defining system requirements.

Database Architecture and Design


Since database systems involve users from all departments of the company with a diversity of information needs, the development and operation of database systems must be very carefully planned and managed. The databases themselves must be carefully designed to allow efficient access to information required by the various users. The development of a master plan should first take place. It specifies in general terms the various databases and applications to be included in the overall system. Then a schedule for detailed design and implementation of these databases has to be elaborated.

Database Upgrades and Migrations


Applying the updates (minor changes) of the database management system is a part of the regular tasks of the database administrator while the upgrades (major changes) can be a critical operation for production systems. Indeed, the later may introduce fundamental changes that may deeply impact not only the database system but most of the corporate applications. There where easyDBA brings its deep skills to the table - not only with Oracle Database expertise, but also with working knowledge of many of the most common open source database management systems, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Performance Tuning


Though a database may be operational and performing effectively, there are often ways to improve this performance. True diagnosis requires an historical evaluation and a look at all of the vital signs as a whole (CPU utilization, memory utilization, paging frequency, backups, file system space utilization, etc.). The same holds true for the database. Key factors are analyzed generating concrete performance recommendations.

High Availability and Scalability


A cluster database is a complex system, which provides access to the same database, or group of data tables, indexes and other objects, from any server in the cluster concurrently without compromising data integrity and security. Also called Parallel Databases, they typically contain multiple nodes or servers accessing the same physical storage concurrently (NAS or SAN). Cluster architecture allows multi-server data sharing technology, allowing direct concurrent read/write access to shared data from all the processing nodes in the parallel configuration. Well known examples include Oracle Real Application Cluster (Oracle RAC).

Supplemental Expert Support


Managing the day-to-day DB administration of a business of any size can challenge staff and current skill set despite your DB team’s best efforts.  easyDBA provides the supplemental IT support you need to get the job done. We can open doors to emerging DB technologies. Expand internal DB expertise. Fill gaps in your DB staffing. Our DB consultants can supplement your existing staff with specific skills required to successfully implement a wide range of DB features.